Adventure Lockjaw(s)/Frankburt(s) are the tender and childish versions of Lockjaw/Frankburt, that were going to serve as playable characters in The Return to Freddy's 5: Adventure Mode, before the mode was scrapped from the game. They were going to be voiced by BFPFilms424/Tyler.

Adventure Torture Lockjaw is a tender and childish version of Torture Lockjaw.


Adventure Torture Lockjaw's design overall resembles his original counterpart. He is a small white humanoid animatronic, with a cylindrical head, cyan-colored eyes, brown hair, red cheeks, and three rows of teeth. He also appears to have several rips on his face. He has a blue torso, dark blue legs and black foot. He appears to be wearing a black fedora with a red stripe, along with a black bowtie and one big black button on his chest. His endoskeleton also appears to be spiraled.


Launches a power blast out of his hands, does several damage.


  • The "DBZ" attack is a reference to the "Kamehameha" attack, from the anime "Dragon Ball Z".
  • His original counterpart, Torture Lockjaw, has a white stripe on his fedora, while the Adventure Animatronic version has a red stripe. It's unknown if this was done on purpose or if it was just an oversight by BFPFilms424/Tyler.

The Return to Freddy's 5: Adventure Mode