Adventure Andy is a tender and childish version of Andy the Artist, an OC created by RoxasXIIIkeys who was also going to be the voice actor for the character. He was meant to be an unlockable and playable character in The Return to Freddy's 5 Adventure Mode, before this mode was scrapped from the game.


Adventure Andy has white skin and blue eyes. He has brown hair, and wears an aquamarine beret. His face has a splash of red paint, and an eye that's half closed. He wears an aquamarine shirt with long sleeves, that has paint splashes on the torso. He wears a red bow tie, and black buttons under it. He pants and brown shoes. He carries a brown paintbrush, with it's tip having red paint on it, and an artist palette with the colors blue, white and yellow.


Adventure Andy would have used his paint brush to attack the enemies.


  • Andy was also going to appear as Torture Andy in Story Mode, but the model was never made.
  • He was also featured in a fanmade of Adventure Mode, TRTF World, made by Steadhammer and IvanG.
    • Steadhammer Studios later made a game with Andy in it, called _DELUSIONS_.