Adventure Alison is the tender and childish version of Alison that was going to be an unlockable and playable character in The Return to Freddy's 5: Adventure Mode, before this mode was scrapped from the game. He was going to be voiced by Chris Homie.


Adventure Alison resembles a lot his original counterpart, albeit in a more human-like 3D model. He appears to look like as a child sized adult, with fair white skin along with taffy colored eyes and dark brown hair that covers his right eye. He also appears to be wearing a white fedora with a red stripe along with a brownish red shirt, some dark blue jeans and dark brown shoes. His skin and clothes appear to be very dirty. He also has a sinnister look on his face.


Adventure Alison's attacks are currently unknown, since the game files don't show nor hint any attacks of him.


  • Adventure Alison and Adventure BFP are the only Adventure humans to have their model known.
    • They also share the same model, but with different attributes such as their clothes and eye color.

The Return to Freddy's 5: Adventure Mode