204863 was a game mechanic planned for The Return to Freddy's 5. It's creepy voice that can be heard randomly during gameplay at any floors.

Game Information

The 204863 voice can can be heard at any floor when the player stays in it until 12 AM. It plays a creepy voice that continuously repeats the numbers "2-0-4-8-6-3", with some other creepy noises on the backround.


On December 13th of 2015 BFPFilms424/Tyler uploaded a hidden message on the closed PoniKittyStudios Website, "Uhsodfh "Vlpsoh" zlwk wkh frgh". Upon decrypting it by Caesar's code, it displayed the following message: "Replace "Simple" with the code". On December 14th, BFPFilms424 tweeted another encrypted message. The result of decrypting it was: "OFFICIAL TRAILER COMING THIS FRIDAY —— 2 0 4 8 6 3 —— 2 0 4 8 6 3 —— 2 0 4 8 6 3". After replacing "\simple" with ", the user could get into a brand new website. It desplayed a render of Torture Lockjaw's eye with an empty black space backround, the same render of Torture Lockjaw that Tyler posted on his twitter at the end of December 2015. On December 15th, the site was updated. It changed from completely black space with a picture on the center to a red toned website. There was endlessly repeating message : "私を呼び出すことはありません RING MIG INTE NO ME LLAMES DO NOT CALL ME". On December 19th, the website was deleted from the Internet, never to be seen again.


  • The 204863 voice also appeared in the Silent Hill P.T. Demo and had the same effect when something is done to it.

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